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At home IETU co-operates with the Polish Academy of Sciences, universities and academia, research and development units, agencies and ecological organisations and especially with: the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health in Sosnowiec (Agreement for Co-operation), Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź, University of Silesia, technical University of Częstochowa, Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw, Waste Management Centre (former Institute of Waste Management), Central Institute of Mining in Katowice.

On a contract basis, IETU provides services to a number of large industries, SMEs, regulatory bodies and municipalities. Our clients are: PKE S.A., “Jaworzno III” Power Plant, “Opole” Power Plant, “Chorzów” Power and Heating Plant, “Tychy” Power and Heating Plant , PPHU “Komart”, Projbud Sp. z o.o., Szczecin, “Konin” Aluminium Smelter, PPH UTEX Sp. z o.o., Rybnik, ENERGOPOMIAR, Gliwice, State Inspection of Environmental Protection, Environmental Research and Monitoring Centre in Katowice and the municipalities of Mysłowice, Rybnik, Świerklaniec, Siemianowice Śląskie, Tarnowskie Góry, Bytom, Zabrze.






Polish Thematic Network for Environmental Technologies

Polish Thematic Network for Problems of Air Pollution and Climate Change

U.S. EPA - Methane to LNG - Żory Coal Mine Project
Methane to LNG
Żory Coal Mine Project

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