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IETU has got wide experience in international co-operation due to its participation in projects realised for many foreign organisations, in that: World Health Organisation (WHO), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Under the intergovernmental agreement IETU staff has been participating in Working Groups and Task Forces of the ECE/UNO, Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP).

One of the priorities of the IETU international co-operation policy is active involvement in programmes launched by the European Union. In the 4th EU RTD Programme IETU has taken part in two projects, in the 5th FP – in 12,  which gave the same number as in the 6th EU Framework Programme. 

Under the bilateral governmental agreement between Poland and Norway IETU has been co-operating with the Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA) on acidification of lakes in Tatra Mountains.

Since March 2006 IETU has been taking part in the project initiated by the European Research Area Network: Climate Impact Research Coordination (CIRCLE), which is a coordination action, realized as a support initiative to the 6th EU Framework Programme, IETU as a co-ordinator of the AIRCLIM-NET takes part in the project as an observer.

Among other projects undertaken by IETU the following three can be mentioned:

  1. INTEGRA-SITES - Integrated Management and Revitalization of Contaminated Sites, INTERREG IIIC Weimar Triangle

  2. MARQUIS - Multimodal Air Quality Information Service for General Public, eContent

  3. MAGIC - Management of Groundwater at Industrially Contaminated Areas, INTERREG IIIB CADSES


Research and development projects realised by IETU under the 6th EU Framework Programme:

ESPREME - Estimation of willingness-to-pay to reduce risks of exposure to heavy metals and cost-benefit analysis for reducing heavy metals occurrence in Poland

AQUATERRA - Understanding river-sediment-soil—groundwater interactions for support of management of waterbodies (river basin & catchment areas)

EURODEMO - European platform for demonstration of efficient soil and groundwater remediation

Alter-Net - A Long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

CACHET - CO2 Capture with Hydrogen Production

DROPS - Development of Macro and Sectoral Economic Models Aiming to Evaluate the Role of Public Health Externalities on Society

INTEGRATION4WATER - Initiative 4 Facilitating Integration of Research Potential from the New Member States, Accession Candidate Countries and Old Member States in the Area of Water Cycle including Soil  Related Issues of the Sub-priority and a relevant priority of FP7

NatAir - Improving and Applying Methods for the Calculation of Natural and Biogenic Emissions and Assessment of Impacts on Air Quality

PHIME - Public Health Impact of Long Term Low-Level Mixed Elements Exposure in Susceptible Population Strata

RYM - Research Your Mind

SOCOPSE - Source control of priority substances in Europe

2FUN - Full-Chain and Uncertainty Approaches for Assessing Health Risks in Future Environmental Scenarios


Research and development projects realised by IETU under the 5th EU Framework Programme:

Since the very beginning of the Fifth EU Framework Programme, i.e. since 1998 IETU has participated in preparation and submission of 37 project proposals, particularly under the Key Action: “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development” (EESD). IETU’s activity in this field was recognised by getting two nominations to a Crystal Brussels” award in the category of RTD units and individual award granted to Dr. Janina Fudała.

INCORE – Integrated Concept for Groundwater Remediation

PHYTODEC – A Decision Support System to Quantify Cost /Benefit Relationships of the Use of Vegetation in the Management of Heavy Metal Polluted Soils and Dredged Sediments

MERLIN – Multi-Pollutant, Multi-Effect Modelling of European Air Pollution: an Integrated Approach

METALLOPHYTES - Turning Plants into Heavy Metal Accumulators

WELCOME – Development of Integrated Management System for Prevention and Reduction of Pollution of Waterbodies at Contaminated Industrial Megasites

IMAGE-TRAIN – Innovative Management of Groundwater Resources – Training Programme for EU Accession Countries

CABERNET – Concerted Action on Brownfields and Economic Regeneration Network

URBAN-EXPOSURE - Integrated Exposure Management Tool Characterising Air Pollution-Relevant Human Exposure in Urban Environment

MERCYMS - An Integrated Approach to Assess the Mercury Cycling in the Mediterranean Basin

NORISCNetwork Oriented Risk-Assessment by In-situ Screening of Contaminated Sites

CARBOMONT – Effects of Land-use Changes on Sources Sinks and Fluxes of Carbon in European Mountain Areas

EMECAP-NAS – European Mercury Emission from Chlor-Alkali Plants

All projects carried out by IETU under the Fifth EU Framework Programme concern primarily the issues of industrialised and urbanised areas. The main features of these projects are multidisciplinarity and complexity of the initiatives undertaken to ensure environmental safety, and the final objective – providing effective tools to support sustainable management of the environment.



Polish Thematic Network for Environmental Technologies

Polish Thematic Network for Problems of Air Pollution and Climate Change

 U.S. EPA - Methane to LNG - Żory Coal Mine Project
Methane to LNG
Żory Coal Mine Project

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