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In 2002 IETU initiated establishing two thematic scientific networks:

  • International Thematic Scientific Network for Air Pollution and Climate Changes - AIRCLIM-NET

  •  International Thematic Scientific Network for Environmental Technologies - ENVITECH-Net

After three years’ operation on the domestic forum they evolved into international networks taking an active part in the development of the European Research Area, particularly in the field of research coordination on climate change impact in the Enlarged Europe – ERA-NET CIRCLE, and in the implementation of the European Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP).

IETU was also an initiator of the Polish Environmental Technology Platform which was established in 2006. The main activity of the Platform focuses on the following issues:

  • working out a development plan for the environmental technology sector

  • building up a development strategy for innovative environmental technologies

  • creation of policies and legislation aimed at stimulation of industrial innovations in the field of environmental technologies

  • promotion of eco-innovative technologies

The experience gained by IETU in the network co-operation contributed to the establishment of other national scientific networks:

  • Environment and Health

  • Friendly River

  • Environment and Technologies 

The main objective of research programmes developed by R&D units acting under these networks is to benefit from current achievements of particular units in the areas covered by the network research fields and add new research aspects providing up-to-date integrated tools, methods and techniques for environmental quality management and eco-innovative technologies which could be implemented into practice.

Transfer and commercialisation of IETU products/services are carried out by developing national network co-operation. This, for example, includes co-operation with:

  • R&D units within the Integrated Scientific-Technological Institute Fuels-Safety-Environment ZINT - (EMAG, GIG, KOMAG, ICHPW, ISS, POLTEGOR) and the concluded co-operation agreement

  • R&D units within Technology Transfer Centre “Bio-Techno-Info” (CTT BTI)  (Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development, GIG, KOMAG, ISS) and the concluded consortium agreement

  • academia, industrial and business companies within the Advanced Technologies Centre Energy-Environment-Health” (CZT EGZ) and the concluded consortium agreement

  • academia, industrial and business companies under the Silesian Centre of Advanced Technologies (UCZT) and the concluded consortium agreement

Since 1999 IETU has been a member of two European networks:

  • A Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe - NICOLE

  • Academic Network for Contaminated Land – Research in Europe – ANCORE.



Polish Thematic Network for Environmental Technologies

Polish Thematic Network for Problems of Air Pollution and Climate Change

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Methane to LNG
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